Cain Buck of the 4th District Council of Colorado and Lans Goodden (R-Texas) announced on Thursday that the Great Tech Caucasus was created.

According to a press release Release From Buck, Big Tech Companies “Defraud the free market, crush their competitors, hinder innovation, gain access to China, and censor Americans. Big tech companies operate under the “ultimate American” mentality that benefits consumers and small businesses across the country, benefiting China.

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Freedom from Big Tech Caucus promotes competition and innovation, restores a free digital economy, protects children from harmful online content, protects online privacy and information, eliminates political censorship, and opposes Big Tech Chinese “bonding”. ፡ Searching Communist Party.

Buck is a member of the 450-page faith, trade and administrative law subcommittee. Report In an investigation into Big Tech last year. The report They said It recommends that Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google abuse their power as a monopoly and that changes be made to existing anti-religious laws. Joe Nikuse, a Democrat from Colorado II, is also a member of the committee. Despite the fact that different political parties are affiliated, Neguse and Buck have come to a consensus when it comes to Big Tech: Both representatives believe Congress should take steps to limit Big Tech power.

Last month, the House Judiciary Committee approved a bill to reduce the size of the Big Tech energy, “Strong Online Economy, Opportunity, Innovation and Choice.” according to The Washington Post prohibits the purchase of a technology giant, a bill that prohibits Big Tech companies from selecting their own products from competing companies, and an account that makes it easier for consumers to use a variety of products. Technology companies together. Buck was the original co-sponsor of all accounts in the package.

Democrats are primarily concerned about the market power of big tech companies, while many Republican representatives are concerned about anti-Semitism in Big Tech.

Representative Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) criticized the Big Technical package, saying it was not enough to prevent Big Technical Censorship Censorship. Jordan in the comments section Wrote, “Make no mistake, Big Tech is going to get conservatives and it needs to be re-introduced. But these bills do nothing to combat big-tech anti-discrimination and censorship. These Democrat fees only make things worse. If you think Big Tech is bad now, just wait until Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google work with Big Government.

During the debate over these bills, Buck went straight to Republicans like Jordan ExplainingIn his opening remarks, he said: “These accounts are conservative.

Buck also shares Jordan’s belief that Big Tech will censor conservative voices. Linn June 2 Back Wrote on their Twitter page “Although Facebook censors conservative voices, it allows it to perpetuate Communist Chinese extremism and spread genocide propaganda,” according to an article in the Center for Media Studies. Explains He describes himself as a “guardian of liberal media”.

It is not clear when the bills will be paid in full in the House of Representatives. Basis The leader and representative of the House of Representatives, who led the timetable for voting for the House of Voters, said:

Gudin, a co-chairman of the Big Tech Caucasus, said the Caucasus would help prevent the stigma attached to conservative views. “Big Tech fully controls the digital public arena, which allows Americans to see only the news and information that is relevant to their narratives,” Gooden said.

Madison Kaworn (RCC), acting vice president of the Big Tech Caucus Press release Friday: “Big-Tech has long abused its power and targeted the constitutional rights of American citizens. The Big Tech oligarchs, which silence the freedom-loving patriots, have no place in the free land. In the United States, we must always put constitutional values ​​above authority. ”

Other members of the Big Tech Caucus Freedom include Reporter Burgas Owens (R-Uta), and Paul Gosar (R-Ariz).

Big Tech generally refers to major technology companies such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. Some Big Tech definitions also include Microsoft, but a competition reported by the Infidel Subcommittee, Trade and Administrative Law Subcommittee focused on Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google.