Qualcomm for Android Smartwatch chips for a warming image

Photo: Victoria’s Song / Gizmodo

There are many reasons why Google Wear the OS smartwatch platform It stopped for years, but the main reason was that most of the smartwatch was out of date Compositions from Quelcom. But now they have Google and Samsung Partnership to build a new platform– And Samsung’s new watches have been identified A bull new processor– He seems to be feeling the pinch of the latest ualcomm pressure by announcing next year that he will be launching “new Snapdragon Wear platforms.”

The news comes at Press release Announcing Qualcomm Wear Ecological Acceleration Program. Noting that there has been an increase in interest in the site, Ququelcom said it was “growing exponentially.” [its] Investments are the leading investment in Silicon ”and the acceleration program is designed to help makers communicate their ideas on low-cost and fast-paced production opportunities, including Arm, Fossil, Mobvoi, Op, Vernon and Vodafone.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving Google and Samsung. The new Wear OS is expected to arrive next month two Samsung Smart watches, But so far there is no clear timeline for when the current Wear OS clocks will be available – if they are fully available. (Google soon) Updated the current Wear OS Play Store, Is planning to support the forum for some time.) Meanwhile, Quellcom’s message … Filled with mud, At least to say.

What does Qualcomm mean when it says I’m launching new platforms? They moved to the new S.C. , If you are referring to a child. That doesn’t work at all for the current Snapdragon Wear 4100/4100+ platform, only the ones that have been used so far two even thought Launch from A year ago. Fossil Gen 6 could be made at 4100, according to the team Run on the new Wear OS, And yet at 3100 another flag clock will be beyond comprehension. Three smart watches a year before you push a new SOC? That is not to admit a great failure, but it is not far off.

It also paints a very poor picture of Wear OS destination. Quelcom says in the last five Years, more will be sent 40 million units on 250 wearable products. Apple sent for comparison 33.9 million Apple watches In 2020 alone, it increased by 19 percent compared to the previous year. Apple watches are known to be the most successful smartwatch on sale, but this is a good indication of how different it is from Android Modern clocks are expanding.

There are positive things to take from here. Even though the 4100 platform is in the final float, it is a good sign that Calccom is doing everything. Two dragged their legs while waiting They have been using incredibly outdated technology for years – from 2100 to 3100 years. The 4100 has been a significant jump since 3100, but it was first launched five years ago and is working on technology. Qualcomm will not be happy in this space for a long time and we will have to see what Samsung already has in front of it next time. Rumor 5nm Exynos chip. However, it is a sign that at least everyone is encouraging to know This is an important opportunity not to waste this new Wear OS.