Netflix executives say the release marks the beginning of a new era of interactive gaming. If we do not reach the black glass, And Strange things Games.

In a letter on Tuesday afternoon, the 2021 2Q shareholder said: “We see the games as another new category of content similar to our expansion into original movies, animation and unregistered TV.”

The company initially said it would focus on mobile devices and gaming.

Along with that direction, Netflix will be hiring the next Facebook executive, Mike Verdu, as vice president of game development to help them focus on becoming a popular source for game development.

Other companies have tried to provide video game streaming services, but none have been successful.

Microsoft’s Xbox game pass is very close, allowing subscribers to play games on all devices with one registration on one device. Although Google Stadium has a clear vision of the game, it is widely predicted that it will go into the graveyard of Google products, which has largely failed to get up and is widely praised and eventually abandoned.

Both platforms show unlimited access to hardware, AA gaming experience, but still have the user’s reliable, high-speed internet and large parts of the country still lacking access to infrastructure.

Netflix has one advantage, as it is already widely used by millions of people who live entirely outside of the traditional or hardcore gaming environment. Netflix Lightning: The Nintendo WBI-like method of introducing its users to simple, easy-to-understand and informal games that do not require fast connection speeds can escalate the controversy.

Given the popularity of these types of games in the mobile world and the fact that many people have already installed the Netflix app on their phones and tablets, the company is starting to see opportunities.