Colombo, Tuesday, July 20, 2021 In an effort to promote Zum Video Communications X in Sri Lanka and the Maldives, Information Technology Company Finch Consult Ltd (FCC) has partnered with leading video communication service provider. Provides experience. For consumers and businesses in the island nation.

Demand for technological solutions has grown exponentially with the recent global epidemic and a series of locks. This is where companies are launching out-of-home, online education and web-based meetings and data sharing software is growing rapidly. Guided by these extraordinary numbers, it is the magnification that has changed the way the world “connects”. Emphasis has also played a key role in Sri Lanka, allowing companies to allow their employees to work safely at home and with their co-workers, and to allow students to continue their education.

Last year, the simplicity of the solution highlighted the choice of users around the world to connect for business, education and social events, said Agula, head of the channel, India and Sarsi. We are thrilled to be working with Fintech to extend our access to Sri Lanka and the Maldives and to provide industry organizations with a comprehensive and balanced video communications platform.

Zoom can power users and businesses’ communications needs, including secure, secure video forums, meetings, phone calls, websites, and online events.

Fintech is proud to be a partner in bringing new technologies to Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Over the years, we have built a strong reputation not only in Sri Lanka but also in other countries in the region as a loyal partner to many tech giants such as Google. Working with another well-known company, Zum, is a testament to our ability and vision to place Sri Lanka on a regional digital map. FCPL General Manager and General Manager.

FCPL now provides technical support for users to zoom in in Sri Lanka and zoom solutions can be purchased through FCPL, not just the zoom strategy.

FCCPL has been in the information technology sector for more than a decade and has expanded its branches to Bangladesh and the Maldives in Sri Lanka. It supports and cares for more than 500 customers and has been successful in working with both the public and private sectors in the region. The company is recognized for its Google products and has received numerous awards for its performance. For more information about Zum, its benefits and services please contact +97712 343322.

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