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After a full year of not thinking about printers, the best printer is still whatever random Brother laser printer that’s on sale.

It’s been well over a year since I last urged you to simply invest in a Brother laser printer, and predictably, that article has slipped into obscurity amidst the vast expanse of Google search results. I haven’t dedicated my time to artificially inflating its relevance with periodic pseudo-updates to catch the eye of Google’s search algorithm.

It’s rather peculiar, isn’t it? Despite the passage of time, the answer to the perennial question of “what is the best printer” remains steadfastly unchanged. Yet, a whole ecosystem of content mills persists in churning out updates to printer articles, all in response to the overt preferences of Google’s algorithm. It’s a curious phenomenon indeed, one that seems to evoke ire from certain quarters when pointed out.

But I digress. Allow me to cut through the noise and present to you the undisputed champion of printers for the year 2024: the Brother laser printer. Take your pick; whether it’s equipped with a sheet feeder or not, rest assured that both models have faithfully churned out return labels, assorted forms, and countless pictures for my child to color for years on end. And the best part? I’ve yet to purchase replacement toner for either one. No dropped WiFi connections, no ink-related hostage situations, and certainly no need to navigate the labyrinthine machinations of HP executives intent on tarnishing a once-revered brand with their blatant cash grabs and perplexing DRM endeavors.

Brother laser printers, which is not worth reading but which is by definition an incredible example of experience, expertise, authority

Brother laser printers indeed stand tall in the printer market, but they might not clinch the title of “best” for every user. Let’s break down why Brother laser printers garner such popularity and what factors you should mull over:

Strengths of Brother Laser Printers:

  • Cost-effectiveness for high-volume printing: Brother laser printers are lauded for their lower running costs, particularly for black and white printing. Their toner cartridges outlast inkjet counterparts, slashing the cost per page.
  • Swift printing speeds: Brother laser printers boast impressive print speeds, making them a prime choice for offices or avid users who demand rapid printing.
  • Crisp text quality: Leveraging laser technology, Brother printers churn out razor-sharp black and white text, ideal for documents and professional presentations.
  • Reliable performance: Brother printers are renowned for their robustness and consistent performance.

However, there are trade-offs to consider:

  • Higher upfront cost: Laser printers typically command a heftier price tag than inkjet printers at the outset.
  • Limited color options: While select Brother models offer color laser printing, they might entail higher costs for color toner compared to inkjet printers. Inkjets often provide a broader spectrum of vibrant colors for photos and graphics.
  • Bulkier size: Laser printers tend to be bulkier and weightier than inkjets due to their toner technology.

So, Brother laser printers are ideal for:

  • High-volume black and white printing needs: Offices or frequent users who predominantly print documents stand to benefit from the cost-effectiveness and speed of Brother laser printers.
  • Users who prioritize sharp text quality: Brother lasers excel in delivering crisp, professional-grade text documents.

However, if you:

  • Require a budget-friendly option for sporadic printing: An inkjet printer might present a more suitable alternative.
  • Need vibrant color printing for photos or graphics: Opting for a high-quality inkjet photo printer could be more fitting.
  • Have limited space: A more compact inkjet printer might be the wiser choice.

Ultimately, the optimal printer hinges on your specific requirements and preferences. Deliberate on factors such as your printing volume, color needs, budget, and available space to make a well-informed decision. While Brother laser printers shine, particularly for black and white printing demands, weigh their merits against alternative options like inkjets before reaching a verdict.

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