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BD goes after medical misinformation

YouTube Monday introduced new features to prevent the spread of medical malpractice, including “Health Information Panels” to identify videos and other contexts. It also introduced a new filter to highlight videos from authoritative sources in health care. The move follows a series of efforts by the Biden administration to highlight the scourge of health misinformation, including the advice given last week. U.S. Surgeon General Vivk Murti And a more vague statement b President Biden, Who is to blame Facebook Failure of police conspiracy theories.


He said that he made the tools using the principles developed by a professional panel called YouTube National Academy of Medicine. So far, only reputable organizations and government agencies have been included in the health status, but the company wants to expand its reach to other sources.

Handling is the name of the game


AmazonCloud Distribution has launched comprehensive healthcare services to help customers analyze data such as genomic data and a number of solutions, such as information tools in electronic health records. The new product, has been dubbed AWS for health, Usually re-packing services already provided by Amazon. But it is another piece of information that speaks to the company’s overall push to re-establish every aspect of health care, from patients receiving primary care to large hospitals to diagnosing and treating diseases.

Common HealthThe company, which combines health benefits for employers, is launching a new program to help customers navigate the digital health services. From nine partners – Lira, Ginger, Modern Health, Carrot fruit, Progini, Hinge Health, Tladok / Livongo, 98point6, And AccessHope – The Premier Partner Program aims to help employers decide more about digital solutions. Lans Larson, Head of Digital Health Partnership, said: “These are the partners that we have found in the Premier League.

To look for a verbal biomarker for Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s patients and advocates have been debating the adoption and price of the first new drug for decades, with AD patients at risk in the early stages of treatment. They have no good way to catch it. Researchers at Makan Health World Japan in Tokyo developed a predictive model of exposure to disease based on regular telephone conversations, hoping to capture low-pitched sounds – based on words and words, not on words – to indicate cognitive delays. Although the model distinguishes only those with and without Alzheimer’s, more testamentary models may play a role in the risk and low cost of diagnosis.

Quote of the week

I (Artificial Intelligence) see it as one of the most in-depth technologies. You know, if you think about fire or electricity or the internet, that’s fine, but I think it’s deeper. ”- Google General Manager Sandar Pichai

Pichai’s comments in a podcast interview from BBC It highlights the company’s extensive efforts to implement AI for health care services, which previously developed products that can detect cancer and many other serious health conditions. Picha also emphasized the importance of using the INN for the benefit of the community, although it is not yet clear whether it is doing more to help or harm the community.

The best review system for digital health applications

NPJ Digital Medical

The quality of the digital health app is everywhere. To deal with the crisis, researchers say Jones Hopkins You already have a score card to help users – and those who need support among visitors – choose the best ones. But an evaluation system can only be helpful when the supply is bad. When implementing the scorecard for 22 popular oncology applications, the same researchers achieved average results in five important areas: 50 costs, costs, technical specifications, uses, clinical resources, and end user needs.


  • Cut the genusDigital clinic raises $ 64 million in series B to treat nicotine, alcohol and opioid addicts KinevikAnd Atomiko. The company plans to expand its funding across the United States by partnering with 55 employers and health plans
  • OM1, Real-world information and II to target chronic diseases. The start-up of the forum was funded by $ 85 million. D1 Capital Partners, Kaiser Permanente And Breyer Capital. The Boston-based company is working with hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and others to get regulatory approval and evaluate the safety and effectiveness of treatments.
  • Health Information Analysis Company Sema4Linn He is expected to make his first game on NasdaqLater this week or early next. M. Sina Spinoff is the latest digital healthcare company to partner with a special purpose acquisition company or SPAC to jump into public markets.
  • Heart Flow, A company that is building heart tests using cardiac tests and models, has announced its own planned SPAC deal worth $ 2.4 billion. Once completed, Longvitit Axis Corporation will be the second reverse merger of the year.

Staff file

  • He became a senior inventor at the American College of Cardiology for five years. John Rumsfeld Launched this month by Facebook. He conducts health technology research in the company’s laboratory for virtual and augmented reality.
  • The beginning of virtual therapy Speech space Jennifer Fulk joins company Eli Lily, Where she was CFO for American Biomedics.
  • AdaManufacturers of signal-testing app and other health products are tripled by the management team. Gulsah Wilke He will be the Chief of Staff, Torston ro roAs chief financial officer, and Vanessa Lemeri As the Chief Client Officer.
  • President Biden last week nominated a former Haven chief executive candidate Atul Gawande To rise up USAID, And Helen Branwell’s STAT certification lists Gwandeen’s challenges.
  • February after IPO Describe health He appointed two new executives to oversee the growing housekeeping business. Sam Pettijohn, Who came from Corner to work as a senior development officer; And Erin Kapler Kelly, Chief Compliance Officer from CVS Health

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